Dhurata Hoxha

Dhurata Hoxha has been appointed a Minister of Justice in July 2016. Prior to present appointment, Mrs. Hoxha served as a Political Advisor to the Speaker of Assembly of Republic of Kosovo Mr. Kadri Veseli, with responsibilities covering security policies and rule of law.

In 2008, Mrs. Hoxha completed her master studies at the prestigious Georgetown University in Washington DC, in the department of security studies, with concentration on international security. In 2004, Mrs Hoxha completed her undergraduate studies at Graceland University in Iowa United States, where she graduated with honors in International Relations and Political Science.

Mrs. Hoxha is currently a member of the Central Presidency of Kosovo Democratic Party and member of Presidency of Prishtina Branch of Kosovo Democratic Party.

Mrs. Hoxha also served as a Political Advisor to the Prime Minister of Republic of Kosovo Mr. Hashim Thaçi, in which position she served during the period March 2011 – December 2015. Her main responsibilities covered aspects of national security and rule of law. Mrs. Hoxha successfully led the process of Security Sector Strategic Review and successfully coordinated the process with relevant institutions. In this position Mrs. Hoxha chaired the Interministerial Group for Transitional Justice and laid down the grounds for effective functioning of this group. Mrs. Hoxha on the behalf of Office of Prime Minister also led and coordinated the process of ending the supervised independence and many other important processes.  

The professional experience of Mrs. Hoxha also includes her position as an advisor to the Minister of Interior of Republic of Kosovo during the period October 2008 – March 2011. While serving as an advisor to the Minister of Interior, Dhurata contributed to the drafting of key legislation in the field of security, including the drafting of most relevant security sector strategies.

Since 1999, Dhurata also worked for U.S Office (now U.S Embassy) in Prishtina at the political section. She also worked for the British Embassy as a Project Manager and other organizations such as OSCE and UNDP.

Since 2008, Mrs. Hoxha also served as a professor at College ESLG and American University in Kosovo (AUK), where she lectured courses such as Terrorism and Political Violence, Faith and Globalization, Politics and Public Policy, Ethics in International Relations, and Values and Public Policy. She was also involved in numerous projects as a consultant.

Dhurata Hoxha is a young cadre educated in United States with expertise in national and international security. She is a member of Women in International Security (WIIS) headquartered in Washington DC. Her research interest includes topics such as national and international security, global terrorism threats, rule of law and good governance, and energy security. 

Dhurata is from Mitrovica, and lives in Prishtina with her husband Visar and their two children Mal and Hana.