Office of the Secretary

The Secretary

The preparation of this five year strategic plan (2006-2011) comes during a phase of intensive work for the Ministry of Justice. Since the establishment of the Ministry our work and energies have been focused in two general directions. Firstly, we are undertaking a process of formation and full operationalisation of the Ministry of Justice. This includes the clarification of the legal mandate of the Ministry of Justice and the building of capacities within the Ministry.

Building internal capacities is particularly important as a precondition for taking over the competences, as well as for their more effective exercise (implementation). Secondly, continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of the services provided by the Ministry of Justice is our constant goal. This second line of effort requires us to work closely with our partners in the justice system and in other institutions, whether public or private and also contribute to the broader priorities of the Kosovo government and their interaction with international institutions such as the European Union, European Council, World Trade Organization, United Nations and NATO.

The challenges and difficulties which we have faced and continue to face are great. They are of varied in nature and range from those deriving from the overall situation in Kosovo, such as the general transition (particularly the political one) or the budgetary constraints, to those that are specific to the Ministry of Justice, such as the need for further clarification of the legal mandate, the lack of adequate working premises, difficulties in the recruitment of the staff or the full build up of the management structure.

However, despite these difficulties and thanks to the dedication of the staff of Ministry and help from partner institutions and organizations, we have made evident progress. The creation and operationalisation of the management structure, recruitment of staff (including those from minorities), steps to ensure transparency in all that we do and the activities undertaken towards the fulfillment of the rule of law standard, are all examples of important achievements to date of the Ministry of Justice.

The adoption of this strategic plan marks another important achievement for the Ministry of Justice. This will be further augmented by the development and implementation of related operational plans which will lead to the putting into life of this strategic plan. Together, these will provide a framework within which we can build upon the successes of the Ministry to date and work towards our vision for the future and fulfill our mission. We have to work with dedication and professionalism, in order to become the central mechanism for promoting the creation and development of a functional justice system that embodies the values of democracy, rule of law and human rights, and become a Ministry that acts as a model for all of Kosovo. This strategic plan not only encapsulates our overall vision and mission, but also plainly delineates the direction which needs to be followed to fulfill them. It constructs a professional and ethical framework through the definition of values and principles which should underpin our work and behavior. It also clearly demarcates the strategic areas we need to focus on, and within these, the strategic aims, objectives and results which we need to work towards more than ever.