Meeting of the working group on the functioning of the judicial and prosecutorial system within the Functional Review of the Rule of Law Sector was held

Prishtinë, 26/04/2019 - Today was held the meeting of the working group consisting of representatives of the judiciary, prosecution, permanent strategic partners, and civil society, chaired by the Ministry of Justice, namely the Permanent Secretary of this Ministry, who is also the leader of the Functional Review process.

This meeting aimed at reviewing the Policy Paper on the Efficiency of the Judicial and Prosecutorial System, drafted and presented by the European Union Project Experts, who support the Ministry of Justice in the Functional Review Process.

The working group discussed the proposed alternatives and recommendations with the aim of strengthening the judicial powers, and made comments in the form of suggestions and supplements, with a view to completing the policy paper on the efficiency of the judicial and prosecutorial system. The Sector Strategy on the Rule of Law will be then drafted based on this document, other drafted documents, and documents that will be drafted in the medium term.