Kosovo Probation Service



This service started on 02 December 2002, the first service of its kind in the Balkans, as a pilot project in Prishtina under the authority of Penal Management Division / Department of Justice (Pillar I of UNMIK), With the UNMIK Regulation No. 2006/26 dated 27 April 2006, the competencies over the Kosovo Probation Service were handed down by the Department of Justice to the Ministry of Justice. Activities of Kosovo Probation Service -KPS The Probation Service is a central organ of the state administration within the Ministry of Justice: • The Probation Service is responsible to carry out the duties below: • organizing, applying and supervising the execution of the alternative punishments and the social re-integration of the convicted persons (probation duties); • preparing social inquiries and pre-punishment reports for the committals of criminal acts; • evaluating criminal risk and assessing the treatment needs of the committers of criminal acts; 2.4. executing diversity measures and educational measures for juvenile; • supervising and assisting convicted persons serving alternative punishments; • supervising and assisting perpetrators addicted to drugs or alcohol subject to mandatory rehabilitation treatment which is executed in liberty; • supervising and supporting the convicted persons on parole; • developing of individual supervising programs; • drafting of reports on execution the alternative punishments and on parole by jail for the prosecutors, courts and Parole Panel; • guiding and supporting convicted persons on the completion of their sentence; • keeping evidence and registry of the execution of alternative measures and punishments in electronic system for data management; Mission: Based on its responsibilities, the Probation Service's mission is "the reduction of crime, the reduction of recidivism rate, creation and increase of security for our society." Legal basis of Kosovo Probation Service KPS The legal basis for the work of KPS consists of the following laws: the Criminal Code of Kosovo, Criminal Procedure Code, Juvenile Justice Code and the Law on Execution of Criminal Sanctions. Organizational Structure of the Probation Service Probation Service shall establish the following basic organizational units for the purpose of performing duties and tasks within its area of competency: 1. Central Probation Service Office, resident in Prishtina; and 2. Regional Probation Offices. Internal organization and systematization of the Probation Service and the Regional Probation Offices shall be governed by the Regulation on the Internal Organization and Systematization of Posts in the Probation Service, to be approved by the Minister and it shall be included as a special chapter in the Regulation on the Internal Organization and Systematization of Posts in the Ministry. http://www.md-ks.net/repository/docs/Rregullore_%28QRK%29_31-2013_%28shqip%29.pdf Internal organisational structure of the KPS Probation Service of the Republic of Kosovo, a member of the European Organization for Probation (CEP) On 31 January 2011 Kosovo Probation Service became an equal member of the European Organization for Probation (CEP). Probation in Europe Update - CEP Probation