Department of Procurement

The Procurement Department develops its own activities within the Ministry of Justice

The Department is responsible for carrying out procurement procedures according to the requirements of all departments and units of the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Justice. According to the latest organizational chart of the Ministry of Justice, this department consists of two divisions and four sectors.

• The Department is obligated to develop the procurement procedures in accordance with the provisions of the Public Procurement Law no. 04/L-042.

• Is it responsible for developing procurement activities at all stages of procurement, ranging from the reception of requests until the full realization (fulfillment) of the contracts.

• It also works closely with the Public Procurement Regulatory Commission and the Public Procurement Agency.

Director of Procurement Department is Sadri Emerllahu.

Tel: +381 (0) 38 200 18 287 
Address: Ministry of Justice
Former Rilindja Building
VIIIth Floor, Room 819
Prishtina, Kosovo